Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 9, 2011~Fayetteville Farmers' Market, Sarah

Sarah Anderson

Hat: Mayapple Salon and Boutique
Sunglasses:  Grey Dog
Tank:  American Apparel
Combat Boots: Online
Handbag: Masons
Fox Tail: Gift from friend
Earrings: Handmade by herself

Tattoos: Nice!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 9, 2011~Fayetteville Farmers' Market, Nicholas

Nicholas Klawson

Hat: Cycling Shop
Shirt: Target
Watch: Casio
Cords: Levi’s
Shoes: Chaco
Backpack: Timbuk2

Mustache: Super Awesome!

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 9, 2011~Fayetteville Farmers' Market, Jessica

Jessica Taylor

Glasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Gift
Knit (or in Jessica’s words “shirt thingy”): Cheap Thrills
Bracelets: Grandmother’s
Watch: Dad’s Timex
Shorts: Last season’s
Coffee: Jammin’ Java
Shoes: Aldo
Tote: Cheap Thrills
Scarf: Cheap Thrills

Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 2, 2011 Fayetteville~First Farmers' Market

Melody Gerke

Skirt: Target
Hoodie: Mexico
Sweater: Target
Earrings: Cheap Store
Necklace: Bridesmaid gift
Shoes: Chaco
Tote: Tibetan (Nepali Embroidery) from China
Scarf: Trendy Mindy’s

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 2, 2011 Fayetteville~First Farmers' Market

Claire D’Aubin

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Moccasins: Minnetonka
Tote: Indian Shop in Colorado Springs
Coffee: Jammin Java
Rings: Black Hills, SD; Jim McGee, Eureka Springs; Telluride, CO Blues Festival
Earrings: Romancing the Stone

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 2, 2011 Fayetteville~ First Farmers' Market

April Heard

Headband: Fayetteville’s Farmers’ Market
Tote: Simple
Shoes: Merrell
Clothes: Probably Target
Ring: Gift from grandmother
Glasses: Made in America
Messenger bag: Swiss Army
Re-usable coffee cup: Wal-Mart

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2, 2011 Fayetteville~First Farmers' Market

Matt Petty

Hat: Father’s hat from Hat Dashery. 29+ years old
Glasses: Online ($8)
Clothes: Thrift store hand me downs
Shirt: Cheap Thrills
Shoes: Chaco
Tote: Ozark Natural Foods
Small Day Bag: REI
Mug: Roommate’s- the best mug ever, but the lid never seems to fit.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Farmers' Market Fashion

You're Born Naked      

...And the Rest is Drag ~RuPaul

Welcome to Famers' Market Fashion!
This is us- one bro, one sis.
We enjoy fashion, farmers' markets, and fashion at farmers' markets...
so here we are creating a blog to document all you fashionable people at farmers' markets
~men, women, children, and pets (it better be good).
Follow along as we document some of our favorite farmers' market fashion icons.
We will begin our treasure hunt at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market on Saturday, April 2nd. 
Come looking good and you may be our first *star*.